Cassette tape art

Ghost in the Machine Series: Bob Dylan, cassette on canvas, 2009.
I love this sort of art, bringing the humble retro cassette tape back to life in a clever way!


Astronaut To Test New Non-Stink Underwear

That's right, Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata is slated to test a new kind of underwear during his current visit to the space station. The "state-of-the-art" undies were designed "to reduce the smells in normal clothing, absorb sweat and provide insulation."

The underwear, developed by Japanese researchers, are made of antibacterial polymers and are fire-resistant. Astronauts normally change their clothes every three days.

Koichi will attempt to wear the underwear for a full seven days. Which, if successful, will only be 9 days short of my record. And, if you think I'm kidding, ask my dry cleaners. Well, my ex dry cleaners. I am so stinky! Astronaut tests non-smelly super pants in space [metro] Thanks to Thumperchica, who doesn't care because she doesn't wear underwear. I'm with you, girl -- high five! No? Helicopter!


Florence and the Machine

An amazing cover version of a Cold War Kids song. I am late on the band wagon for this young talent...


Nickelback recycle same song twice!

This has been around on the web for a while, but I just remebered it when I woke up to a Canadian radio staion playing a Nickleback tune... that woke me up soon enough!


Emmy the great

With her hotly anticipated debut album ‘First Love’ recently released, this could be her moment to shine at last. Emmy spoke with the audience between songs as if they knew all the in-band jokes!

The atmosphere was appropriately mellow, the crowd sat on the floor. This was not a set to have a dance to, rather, to appreciate a beautiful voice, and perfectly placed accompaniments with unusual instruments. Definitely some superb song-writing talent in Emmy, traditional folk style blended with her own pop twist. For me a highlight was an eloquent cover of the Carpenters 70’s hit ‘The end of the world’.

Komedia, Brighton. 02 February


A new mix inspired by dad music.

You know the type of compilations that are advertised on tv around father's day!

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes


Da doo ron ron with guest DJ Edwyn Collins

The DJ’s went from one female lead vocal belter to the next keeping the pace and enthusiasm of the crowd on the boil at all times. The dance floor was peppered with girls dressed up the way I imagine their mums would have done, with beehive hairstyles, authentic retro dresses and clutch handbags. Even their dance moves looked like they had been lifted from a Beatles movie.

Forget present day imitations, this night will open your eyes and ears to vintage classics that you’ll find yourself humming for days. An nice added touch was the free CD for the first 50 people and some cute pin badges in several different designs.

Komedia, 11 October